Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples 2

About Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples 2



We are living in an age of technology that will radically change our lives. I am extremely energized at the possibility of dedicating myself to such a dynamic, quick propelling field.

Digital Marketing course

Computers had always been my passion right from my schooldays. So after secondary school education, I did hardware and networking course followed by graphics and animation program and finally Diploma in Computer Engineering. However, I could not get jobs like that of software engineer because organizations preferred candidates with Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering. I worked as Event Coordinator in 2 local firms. It is true that I enjoyed my job. But these were low paid jobs. So I wanted to get a job where I can utilize my creative skills and skills in computers and get better income. Thus I decided to do this course in digital marketing. I am sure that I will be able to excel in the field of digital marketing, mainly for two reasons: first, there are immense job opportunities in this field in _____(My Country name) because of the rapid digitalization of our country in every aspect of life. Second, successful marketing is linked to creativity and innovation, something which I can excel in. By doing digital marketing course, I will get jobs like digital marketing strategist, SEO Analyst, social media specialist, Email marketing specialist etc.


The reason to do the course in  ______________(Country name)

I wish to do my studies in Europe due to better standards of education and modern methods of learning when compared to my country. As a result, I will get higher preference among reputed employers in my country. Moreover, English is not only a co-official language but it is widely accepted and popular in this country. Compared to mainland European countries, this gives a huge advantage for international students. Apart from all of these  _____(Country name) is considered to be very safe for international students and also for tourists. All the internet searches suggest that _____(Country name) is famous for its safety to their international citizens which is very positive for me. 


The reason to do the course in  _____(Country name ,University name) 

After deciding to do the course in  _____(Country name), I searched for the institutions which offer digital marketing course. I did a comparative study of _____ (University name). It is a reputed public institution in  _____(Country name) whereas the other one is a private institution. Moreover, the syllabus of _____(University name) is more comprehensive. Also, it is awarded as the first European institution to become International Centre of Excellence by Edexcel. The college is friendly to its students and gives various kinds of support. They have a large student community with  diverse cultural backgrounds.

With respect to objectives for the future, I would like to apply what I gained in  _____(Country name) to gain a good job in my country. This industry is quickly developing in  _____(My Country name) and shows awesome potential. Thus, I sincerely request the_____(Country name) High Commission to favorably consider my application and provide me with a suitable platform for attainment of success in my desired field.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely ,