Malta Nursing Statement of Purpose - SOP

About Malta Nursing Statement of Purpose - SOP


Statement of Purpose - SOP

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as XYZ, residing at _______House, ______ District in the state name in Country name. After successful completion of Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, I worked as Nurse at _______ Hospitals and _______ Medical Mission Hospital until 2012. Thereafter I resigned for the purpose of IELTS coaching as well as for delivery and rearing of my child. I rejoined the previous hospital in mid-2014 and have been working there since then.

Advantages of pursuing Undergraduate Certificate in Nursing Studies (Bridging Course)

My ambition is to develop my nursing career in advanced countries where there is huge scope for career growth and where nurses are treated with respected and dignity unlike in India. In those nations, nurses are treated with respect and they are paid well. When I researched about the course, I found that it offers training on advanced nursing practices to bridge the skills deficit in nurses from developing countries like India. This further widens the scope of my career. By completing the certificate course, I can apply for registration in EU countries or work in English speaking countries after passing the language test.


Through my research I found that it is a leading vocational education provider in Malta. I was also attracted towards MCAST since it is a public institution where more than 6000 students pursue various levels of courses in different campuses.  It ranks second among Maltese public colleges as per UniRankings. It is able to include the latest trends in the healthcare industry in its course contents due to MCAST’s strong tie-up with the industry. This allows them to give practical training for their students in best organisations. MCAST has all facilities required for right atmosphere for studies. Its library system consists of wide collection of books and other printed learning resources. MCAST also has an online library with large number of e-books. Additionally, the course fee is moderate and the tutors are very friendly.

Benefits of studying in Malta

I have chosen Malta as my study destination because of the excellent education and healthcare system that will help me to find new ways to learn, gain excellent knowledge about nursing practice in modern world. Malta has two official languages which are Maltese and English. Italian and French are also popular and therefore I can learn multiple languages. Unlike in India where English is used only within certain classrooms and business circles, it is commonly used with good fluency in Malta. Therefore, I will get better exposure to the language which will help me to become proficient in English. Additionally, Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments.

Therefore, I request you to grant me visa entry clearance to study this course in Malta.

Yours Sincerely,